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Downtown Annapolis Engagement Session | Jenny + Mike | Annapolis, MD

I knew I was going to like Jenny and Mike for a lot of reasons.

But the deal was sealed when I ended up behind their car, looking for parking, and witnessed Jenny try and fail to parallel park.

Not 30 seconds later, I too tried and failed to parallel park, right behind a Maserati. I knew two things then 1) I needed to give it up and park in a parking garage and 2) Jenny and I had a lot in common.

We spent some time in front of the Maryland State House with their adorable pup, who cooperated for about 7 photos.

Then we wandered down a cobblestone side street, where I started to realize how joyful Jenny and Mike were. They literally were beaming ear to ear, as I prompted them to "drunk walk home" and "bear hug and rock back and forth".

We finished right on the harbor, where Jenny spent a lot of time in high school. There were many more smiles and giggles and it was apparent that these two are absolutely enamored with each other.

Annapolis really showed off its fall foliage and then its beautiful blue hour sky at the end of our session.

When we got back to the parking garage I literally said to them "do you wanna be friends?" and I was pretty stoked when they said yes,

Jenny & Mike, dinner soon?


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