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National Gallery of Art Engagement | Catherine & Matt

Catherine rests her head on Matt's shoulder as they sit on the couch at the National Gallery of Art

This proposal was such a joy and an honor to document.

Catherine & I were in the same sorority in college (yes I was in a sorority for about 2 years) and I remember when she started dating Matt.

I also remember oddly having such a funny feeling they they were the real deal. I was like wow what a cute couple. They just get each other, they just work.

Fast forward to last summer, when I did headshots for Matt. He joked that he’d be needing my services soon, and I knew exactly what he meant.

Matt and I started talking about this proposal MONTHS ago. We talked about doing it at The Kennedy Center, which has views of The National Mall and of Georgetown, where their first date was.

We discussed timing, date, how to get her there, what show they’d be there to see (even though obviously they wouldn't be there for a show). We even went to scope out The Kennedy Center a few weeks back.

But last weekend, of course DC weather decided to turn on us, and it ended up being in the 20s and snowing heavily.

Matt pivoted and suggested the National Gallery of Art. He joked that he “hadn’t been there since second grade, so might as well!”

Dare I say, it all worked out perfectly. They even got a round of enthusiastic applause from all the other museum patrons that were nearby.

Congratulations Catherine & Matt! You two were made for each other. Shoutout to The National Gallery of Art for sheltering us from the snowstorm.


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