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Adams Morgan Engagement Session | Claire + Sam | Washington, D.C.

Before our session, Claire + Sam went on countless walks around their Adams Morgan neighborhood of DC, scoping out the cutest side streets and the best stoops to sit on. When I suggested to Claire she make a Pinterest board, she joyfully obliged. And when I confirmed details of our session the day prior, Claire sent me a screenshot of a map with each location pinpointed.

That's the kind of planning and attention to detail that is just absolute music to my Virgo ears. I LIVE for a thoughtfully planned session.

We met up at their first apartment they shared together, on Mintwood Place, and I snagged some classic urban shots of them close on the steps, and had Claire balance on the railing while Sam hugged her from behind.

Next up, we wanted further into Adams Morgan to the street with the "rainbow houses" as Claire affectionately referred to it. En route to the "rainbow houses", I made them twirl and spin in the middle of traffic (because, of course!) and leverage the gorgeous yellow flowers we spotted for a warm background.

At this point, Claire was wearing white and Sam was wearing sage green, and we happened to find adjacent houses that were white and sage green, complementing each other just as Claire + Sam do!

On the way back to their apartment, we stopped at the stoop that Claire + Sam had scoped out. And man did it live up to its expectations.

We finished the session on the rooftop of their current apartment. By that point, it was blue hour, and the sky was a perfect contrast to the Washington Monument in the distance.

This was by far one of my favorite and most inspired sessions, and it was such a joy to select my favorites from their gallery.

Congratulations Claire + Sam on your engagement!


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