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Noland Trail Intimate Wedding | Liz + Sean | Virginia Beach, VA

Liz first reached out to me in late July 2021 to ask about my rates and availability for her wedding sometime in 2022. A day after she inquired, she messaged me to let me know there had been a "change of plans" -- they wanted to elope on August 22nd....2021!

Understanding the stress of planning a big traditional wedding from a vendor standpoint, I was totally supportive of doing something smaller and sooner.

From my first FaceTime with Liz & Sean, I was obsessed with them. So I was happy to make the 4-hour drive down to Virginia Beach the day after I had just been up in Pennsylvania for another wedding!

When I arrived, the weather looked grim, to say the least. And of course, the minute my coverage began, so did the downpour! Liz pulled up in a car next to me, and her brother, Alex, helped transfer her and her finishing touches into my car. We then proceeded to have a bonding and jam session for the next 30 minutes.

Liz and I both had a good feeling the sky would clear and the sun would come back out, and we were right. Sure enough, the rain stopped and we were able to have the sweetest forest first look followed by an intimate, and frankly hilarious, ceremony with their friends and family. Liz & Sean's wedding was not short of puns, I'll put it that way.

Following their ceremony and first dances, we sped to the beach nearby to catch the last bit of light and a truly out of this world sunset. We finished up the evening with dinner and cake and lots of Polaroids. Leaving that night, I felt like I had created some of the most "me" work and gained a new family.

Congratulations to Liz & Sean! See you soon.


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