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Cara and Amari relax on the steps of The Line Hotel in DC

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I'm pumped to have you here.


I have the coolest job in the world: I create emotional time capsules for my couples (and hopefully you too). That way, you get to be fully present on your wedding day and you get to relive that day over and over again with the same intensity, joy and love.


My not-so-secret sauce is this: I get to know you. I find out what makes you and your lover tick, and then, I craft a visual story that's reflective of you. 


If you want someone who "gets" you, who's a little bit of a mind-reader, who feels like a friend you've known since childhood, then hi, hello, it's nice to meet you. I'm stoked that you're here.

I'm a Washington, DC based wedding photographer but I'm in SoCal and NYC often, and I'll go wherever your love is.


Let's get this party started.

Hi, I'm Maggie 
A groom in a blue suit lifts up a bride on what appears to be a worn down Baltimore rooftop

Maggie is amazing not only as a photographer but also as a human being.

She is super friendly, sweet, and thoughtful and it shines through in her work. She is great a positioning the couple to get that optimal shot and flattering poses. We had so many backgrounds and textures going from monument, to city, to cafe, and more. She has a great eye for location spotting! I am super grateful for her passion and kind heart.

                        - Shanley & Kevin

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